AKEA Design, Inc. offers both horizontal and vertical building design and construction for both CONUS and OCONUS regions.  AKEA Design, Inc. offers a full complement of in-house architecture and engineering services. Following are selected project examples that showcase our versatility and skills.  These are but a small sampling of our project capabilities.  We invite you to contact us with any questions or to inquire about solutions for your needs.

Project: New Surgical 9th OR Suite, Atlanta VA Medical Center, Decatur, GA

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs


The project scope included full A/E design services to renovate approximately 950 SF of existing storage area into a hybrid surgical operatory suite. The renovation was located within the existing surgical suite on the second floor of Building C. A key design issue involved installing the imaging equipment within the existing 12-foot floor-to-floor height as the equipment manufacturer typically required a 10-foot-high ceiling for clearances of the booms and equipment. The HVAC ducts and lighting were routed to provide the necessary clearances.

Project: Design 525-Space Parking Garage, James H. Quillen VA Medical Center, Mountain Home, TN

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs


The project scope included full A/E design services necessary to develop a construction project to build a new 525-space, 200,000 SF above-ground parking structure on the site of an existing surface parking lot at the Mountain Home VA Medical Center. All spaces were allocated in accordance with the demand identified by the Department of Veterans Affairs Demand Methodology Facility Parking Analysis spreadsheet. The parking garage design included pedestrian control fencing on the top level and fall protection screening on the interior levels.

Project: Renovate Primary Care at Lake Baldwin, VA Medical Center, Orlando, FL

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs


The scope of this project began with plans for the renovation of Section E of Building 500 for the Compensation & Pension (C&P) Service and one module of the Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) clinic of approximately 16,000 SF. It also included the renovation of 6,500 SF of Building 504 into PACT clinics. Following initial programming meetings and a re-evaluation of square footage and costs, the scope was revised to eliminate the renovation of Building 504. The new scope of work was the renovation of Section E of Building 500 to contain C&P and the PACT clinic. The revised square footage was 7,337 for C&P and 8,777 for the PACT clinic for a total of 16,114 SF.


The design included HVAC system and fire protection system modifications, new flooring, new drywall partitions, new doors, privacy issues, new lay-in ceilings, lighting, plumbing upgrades, painting, and signage.


The architectural scope included defining the demolition of the existing space and the layout and detailing of the new space as required for construction; Planetree Philosophy was incorporated for interior spaces. New mechanical and electrical equipment was provided in all renovated spaces and tied into the existing systems as appropriate.


The work was phased to minimize patient impact.

Project: Replace Boilers FCA D, Energy, VA Medical Center, Gainesville, FL

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs


The project scope was to provide full A/E design to replace the three existing boilers and associated steam systems with three new boilers in a new boiler building. The existing boiler plan consists of three water tube boilers, each with a capacity of 20,000 pounds per hour at 90 PSI. The project included three new 600 BMP, 100 PSI boilers with an additional 600 BMP boiler in the future. The building is designed to blend into the existing campus aesthetics.

Project: AE Design to Replace Boilers, Bay Pines VA Healthcare System, Bay Pines, FL

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs


This project was to provide complete design and construction period services to remove and replace the three 500HP boilers located in Building 100 at the C.W. Bill Young VA Medical Center in Bay Pines, Florida. The design included replacing the boilers, boiler control systems, safety devices, valves, steam and condensate lines, insulation removal and replacement, heat recovery systems, water softener systems, and asbestos and lead abatement. A phasing plan was also provided to ensure continued operation of the facility during construction. Services provided for planning, execution, and design related to installation, electrical, and mechanical work, as well as architectural modifications.

Project: Build New Research Space (Lake Nona), VA Medical Center, Orlando, FL

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs


The project scope included the design of a new second-floor addition of approximately 22,400 SF above the existing SimLEARN Building at the Lake Nona "Medical City" site to support heavy wet-lab research, along with office space. The existing building was designed to support vertical expansion of three additional stories. The scope of work called for a sustainable design with the target of LEED Silver.


The laboratory space will encompass approximately 6,970 SF of BSL-2 laboratories in an "open lab" concept where there are no separately walled-off laboratories. A 1,700 SF BSL-3 laboratory is included in the planning to provide flexibility for research activity. The balance of the space will house offices, conference rooms, support spaces, and mechanical spaces, as well as stairs, a lobby, elevators, main corridors, public toilets, and miscellaneous chases for piping and ductwork.

Project: AE Design to Expand Radiology Building 204, James H. Quillen VA Medical Center, Mountain Home, TN

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs


The project scope consisted of an expansion of the Radiology Department via the building out of the central courtyard in Building 204 to contain a new second floor. The infill provides approximately 9,000 SF of total floor space covering the first and second floors, with the second floor level roof matching the surrounding building. The design provides for the inclusion of an MRI suite, plus three ultrasound rooms, along with administrative, support, clinical, and staff areas. The initial work included: investigating the existing service utilities associated with Building 204, the existing infrastructure, and the existing fire and smoke walls and partitions for the development of an updated life safety plan. The design included phasing to minimize patient impact during construction.

Project: Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades - Phase 2, James H. Quillen VA Medical Center, Mountain Home, TN

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs


AKEA Design, Inc. was contracted to provide all architectural and engineering services necessary to complete the design for electrical infrastructure upgrades of the Mountain Home VAMC campus electrical power system. The project included construction of a new environmentally-controlled building around an existing 15kV switchgear enclosure known as Building 115 including civil, architectural, mechanical, and electrical work, the replacement of 11 medium voltage switchgear relays in Building 115, and modifications to the campus medium voltage distribution. This project presented the challenge of updating the main medium voltage campus electrical service without impacting the facility. The proposed solution included replacing existing gear with adjacent new gear. Also, the plans included a construction phasing sequence that utilized an alternate utility feed to minimize utility downtime at the Medical Center during upgrades.

Project: Install Backup Generator for Lakemont Data Center, VA Medical Center, Orlando, FL

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs


The scope of work for this project included provision of a manual transfer switch ahead of each of three Data Center panelboards, along with a dedicated standby generator. This permits the Data Center to remain online when selected normal power distribution switchboards require shutdown for scheduled maintenance operations. In case of normal power failure, the existing emergency generator provides complete backup power to Building 2500, including the Data Center. The second generator provides an additional level of redundancy to the Data Center in the event the existing emergency generator experiences failure. This project also provided a new 2000A, 480V, 3PH, 4W service entrance switchboard, exterior to the existing mechanical courtyard. The new 600 kW standby generator and sub-base diesel fuel tank was provided with a sound attenuated weatherproof enclosure. It was sized for current FLA requirements, plus 30% minimum space capacity.

Project: Renovate Laboratory and Radiology Departments, Viera VA Outpatient Clinic, Viera, FL

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs


This project was for the renovation of approximately 10,000 SF of space at the Viera VA Outpatient Clinic, including the existing Radiology Department and adjacent clinical laboratory area, to improve work flow and accommodate new equipment that had been added over the years. The design provided for adding three ultrasound exam rooms with a shared toilet, a larger stress test exam room, and two physician's offices. It also provided additional receptionist space by expanding into underutilized patient waiting space. The design included renovating the laboratory for new equipment, enclosed the existing blood draw room (which had been open to the waiting room), upgraded all finishes (including walls, floors, ceilings, and light fixtures), and phased the work to minimize patient impact and coordinate with the other trades.


Customer Feedback: "Contractor provides quick response to VA comments/questions during design phase and addresses any issues the VA has. The Contractor has a 'how can we make it work' attitude concerning challenges presented by the VA. Interaction between the contractor and the VA is professional and accommodating. This was shown through the RFI stage with quick responses during solicitation of the construction project."


"The AKEA team was very responsive to the Government request for technical assistance during construction period. The accuracy and usefulness of responses, RFIs & interpretations of documents was instrumental in aiding the Government with resolving issues encountered with the construction phase."


"Overall AKEA Management is very Responsive to our request for services. AKEA was very thorough in the timeliness, completeness, and quality of problem identification, corrective action plans, submittals reviews and especially responsive to change orders. AKEA has a history with the Orlando VA for reasonable and cooperative behavior, effective business relations, and customer satisfaction. AKEA continued this in an excellent manner during the performance of this contract. Members of A-E staff that assisted the Government during construction period services were very responsive to the VA needs and provided professional advice that assisted the Government tremendously."

Project: Expand Gastroenterology Lab, Atlanta VA Medical Center, Decatur, GA

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs


The project scope included full A/E design services to relocate the existing 4,500 SF gastroenterology suite into a former dental suite area. This increased the number of procedure rooms from three to six, and the number of prep/recovery beds from eight to twenty. All new areas meet VA standards for size and equipment requirements, and the new suite doubles in square footage to more than 10,000 SF.

Project: Upgrade Control System, VA Medical Center, Gainesville, FL

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs


The project scope included providing engineering design services including: contract drawings, specifications, technical reports, cost estimates, a construction phasing plan, and investigative verification of the existing controls and electrical systems required for a complete and operable control system upgrade.


Customer Feedback: "The contractor's ability to maintain quality control was very good. The contractor was extremely responsive and expeditious when responding to submittals and RFI's during construction period services. The contractor tended to administrative details diligently, which aided to prevent any misconceptions and ensure both parties had a mutual understanding of the Government's expectations."


"The contractor was quick to address appropriate corrective actions in submitting all required deliverables in proper format within an acceptable timeframe."


"Management and staff are exceptionally accessible and responsive. Any issues brought to the attention of the contractor are addressed virtually instantaneously, an important benefit realized by the VA. The contractor's customer support exceeds expectations, ranking the contractor high in customer satisfaction. The contractor maintains Key Personnel with required qualifications with no turnover. Noted actions on behalf of the contractor directly correlate to successful incorporation and direction of all activity needed to execute the contract without any irregular occurrences."

Project: Diamond Sports Park - Power for Portables, Newberry, FL

Client: School Board of Alachua County


AKEA Design, Inc. was contracted to provide the design of new electrical service for the relocation of two existing portables to a new site. This is one of many projects completed for the School Board involving designing electrical services for new portable structures at various public school facilities around Alachua County. These projects are very similar in nature, with a typical project including a new metered utility service, step-down transformer, distribution equipment as required to supply the quantity of portables specified, and raceway for low voltage systems as requested. The portable types have included classrooms, office spaces, mobile homes, and dining buildings.

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